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Survival Guide in Case of Hearing Loss due to an Accident

Hearing loss can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, culture, or profession. And such a tragedy can occur suddenly as a result of an accident. If you or a loved one suffer from hearing problems due to an accident, the injury lawyers at...

Personal Injury Damages, Explained

One of the most common questions asked to personal injury attorneys in Houston is “How much is my case worth?” The answer largely depends on your damages, which are the losses that you sustained because of the defendant’s negligent conduct....

Child Injured While Riding Scooter to School in Houston

A 7-year-old Houston boy was hospitalized Friday morning after being hit by a car while riding his scooter to school. The child was on Reseda heading to Clear Lake City Elementary with his brother when a vehicle hit him at an intersection. The...

Houston Chemical Plant Fire Exposes Community to Harmful Toxins

Deer Park residents have been on high alert since Sunday, when a fire broke out at the Intercontinental Terminals Company plant on Independence Parkway, north of Highway 225, along the Houston Ship Channel. Dark smoke pummeled the air above the...

Who Is Liable for an Accident in a Hotel Room?

Every day, thousands of people check in and out of hotel rooms in Texas. It’s such a common experience that we rarely give much thought to what might happen if we are injured while staying at or visiting a hotel. In general, Texas law is pretty...

In an Accident in a Construction Zone? Here’s What to Do

Car accidents can be confusing and disorienting enough without the added danger of a construction zone. We are all familiar with signs that indicate an upcoming construction zone, which remind us of double (or triple) fines. What we are not told is...

Seven Steps to Staying Safe Around the Swimming Pool

Personal injury comes in many forms. The last one that people think of is swimming pool-related issues. These are general swimming pool safety guidelines from your Houston personal injury attorney, Hilda Sibrian. Keep it Fenced-Off Whether...

Punitive Damages: What Are They and How Are They Awarded?

Punitive damages are a step above and beyond compensation for injuries or sustained damages. Punitive damages punish the at-fault party after determining that they were grossly negligent, fraudulent or malicious. Punitive damages exist to reprimand...

What Is Considered To be a Personal Injury?

Often times, terms can be confusing when they come with a whole mess of different definitions. You feel like you need a college textbook just to decipher all the gibberish. Defining a personal injury should be simple—you know when you’ve been...

“I Just Got Hit in Houston!” What To Do Next

The biggest thought after being in a car accident is, “I just got hit, where do I go from here?” Many times, victims of a car accident take the wrong steps. You have to take the right steps going forward to ensure compensation, and to alleviate...

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