Personal injury comes in many forms. The last one that people think of is swimming pool-related issues. These are general swimming pool safety guidelines from your Houston personal injury attorney, Hilda Sibrian.

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  1. Seven Steps to Staying Safe Around the Swimming PoolKeep it Fenced-Off
    Whether it’s directly around the pool itself, or a fenced-off general area (as you would see at hotels or in apartment buildings), this is one of the most effective ways to cut-out liability when you own a pool, as well as keep your family safe. Ensuring a proper lock and reasonable fence height keeps small children from stumbling into the pool when there’s no adult supervision around.
  2. Never Swim Alone
    Even if you’re an excellent swimmer, it’s never recommended to go swimming alone. Accidents can happen in the form of slipping, hitting your head against the edge of the pool, etc. (your depth perception is askew when underwater). In the event of an incident, having someone close-by is your first line of defense, and access to emergency services if need be.
  3. Avoid Bringing Alcoholic Beverages to the Pool
    It’s tempting to bring a six pack or glass of wine with you to the pool, especially if your plan is to just sit back and relax. Any time you mix alcohol with recreational activities, you’re increasing the likelihood that something is going to go wrong, and result in an injury.
  4. Have a Game Plan (Family Pool Safety)
    Discuss what will happen in the instance of an accident by the poolside. Talk this over with your children, and with anyone who may be able to assist in the event of an accident, and develop a game plan. This is similar to having a fire escape system in place; something that your family knows about, and how to execute it.
  5. Avoid a Diving Board/Water Slide
    We all want to have fun by the pool, but we can do that without having a few items in place: water slides, and diving boards. In general, these spell disaster. Most swimmers have one or more horror stories from taking a fall off a diving board. With water slides, which are generally meant for children to use, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself, and stack-up too many people going down in one fell swoop. This could result in one or more children being forced underwater by the weight of those behind them, or slipping and scraping off of concrete areas/the pool’s edge.
  6. Ensure Proper Installation
    Whether it’s your pool or a friends, ensure that the proper measures were taken during installation. Any electrical component, whether it’s a filter or a nearby compressor, should have been installed by a licensed and insured electrician.
  7. Keep Safety In Mind
    The pool is intended to be a fun cool-off, especially in summer months in areas like Houston. Keeping safety in mind at all times is the key to avoiding slips, falls, and hopefully, refraining from any emergency room visits for the duration of the summer. Have safety guidelines put into place, and don’t be afraid to enforce them.