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Hilda Sibrian

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Meet Your Attorney

Hilda Sibrian is an honest and caring Houston personal injury lawyer. She is a Houstonian who attended the University of Texas at Austin, as well as the University of Houston, Main Campus, where she obtained a B.S. in biology in 1998 and a B.S. in nutrition in 2000. 

Hilda’s background in the human sciences makes her an exceptional personal injury attorney as she has intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Hilda enjoys learning about the body and its functions. One can imagine how that knowledge is necessary in order to fully understand how injuries affect her clients. 

After obtaining two bachelor’s degrees in human sciences, Hilda attended South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston. She obtained her law degree in December 2003, and upon receiving her license to practice law in Texas in 2004, she has been focusing on personal injury law ever since.  

Expecting the Best from Everyone in Her Firm

Hilda is a caring professional who is dedicated to her field. “Each client receives my personal attention,” Hilda says. “I am available and accessible to all of my clients. I am dedicated to helping my clients to achieve the best results in their cases. I personally inform each client of all the legal options and possible outcomes in their case. I am committed to maintaining the highest quality legal service to my clients.”

Hilda prides herself in providing excellent customer service, and that commitment is carried by everyone in her firm. Hilda has built an amazing team that is fully capable of handling and assisting her with any injury case. All of her employees must first pass a rigorous training program that focuses on customer service, hospitality, and personal injury law before they are allowed to work with her clients. 

Hilda and her team of professionals are always working hard to provide high-quality service to clients. Her team undergoes training in empathy and due diligence. Further, her staff receives monthly continuing legal education in order to stay sharp, current, and effective. 

Compassionate with Clients, Aggressive with Insurance Companies

Although Hilda focuses on being polite, kind, and empathetic to her clients, she is aggressive with insurance companies. Hilda demands maximum settlements for her clients by providing diligent and aggressive representation.  

She handles all areas of personal injury, including:


Providing a Positive Experience from Start to Finish

Hilda focuses on providing a clean, organized, and beautiful office environment for her clients. Her clients feel important and cared for the minute they walk into the office. 

In addition, her office is conveniently located in the Houston Heights, on 610 near North Main Street. Injured people often have concerns about the inconvenience of driving and parking downtown. Therefore, Hilda carefully selected her office in order to provide a convenient and accessible location for her clients. Parking is always free and never an issue, as her office has ample front-door parking. 

Respected and Highly Recommended

Hilda has developed an exceptional reputation with the public and with insurance companies alike in her 16 years of practice. Her public reputation also extends to her online reputation. Hilda’s reputation online continues to be built with five-star reviews year after year. 

Hilda cares about building relationships of trust with her clients so much so that she meets with every client in order to discuss all aspects of their case. Hilda builds relationships with her clients by always practicing law with the highest of standards and ethics. She prides herself on providing aggressive, honest, and compassionate representation. 

Hilda’s style of representation is unique. She caters to her clients’ needs, and she understands the difficulties that all of her clients face. Attorney Hilda Sibrian does everything in her power to alleviate some of those difficulties as her clients are going through the legal process. Her goal is always to restore her clients to the position they were in before the accident.

Why You Should Hire The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian

  • Aggressive and honest representation
  • A skilled personal injury attorney with more than 16 years of experience
  • Focus on personal injury law
  • Highly trained and educated staff
  • Highly motivated team with the desire to help
  • Exceptional reputation with the public and with insurance companies
  • Outstanding online reputation ─ consistent 5-star ratings
  • 100% bilingual staff
  • Always available and accessible to clients
  • A beautiful, clean, and organized office
  • Convenient location
  • Free parking
  • Free transportation
  • Free consultations
  • Free home visits by our field representatives
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Open Saturdays
  • Available on Sundays by appointment
  • If you don’t win, you do not pay attorney fees!

Dedicated to Her Community

Hilda Sibrian has been very involved in her community. She has an intimate connection with Houstonians and values being of service to them in many ways: 

• She and her staff routinely volunteer in community efforts such as back-to-school drives, food drives, and restoring communities that were hurt by floods or other disasters. 

• Her team led a two-week-long recovery effort in communities that were hurt by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. 

• She routinely gives back to her community where she grew up. 

• Hilda is also at many of Houston’s festivals, including the Fiestas Patrias festival where she enjoys being a part of Houston’s diversity.  

• Every year, her office gears up for a Christmas toy drive, and she looks forward to bringing joy to the children of Houston, Texas. 

• Hilda also contributes to the youth and education by providing a scholarship to the most qualified applicant every year.  

Ultimately, Hilda believes it is her duty to give back to a community that has contributed to her growth and success. 

Professional Recognition

Hilda Sibrian is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and is able to practice law in every court in the State of Texas. She plans to eventually expand her practice and to set up offices in other Texas towns, such as Austin and San Antonio. 

Hilda is a proud Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation. This is an honor that was bestowed upon her in 2019. The Texas Bar Foundation is the largest charitably funded bar foundation in the United States. Its membership is composed of the most elite Texas attorneys. The Foundation’s members are nominated because of their dedication to the administration of justice and high professional standing among their peers. Hilda is one of those elite Texas attorneys. The Texas Bar Foundation helps organizations educate the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law, provide legal services to the poor, and assist those who turn to the legal system for protection. 

Hilda is also an avid contributor to the Houston Bar Foundation. The Houston Bar Foundation helps those in need by contributing to the Houston Volunteer Lawyers. 


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