Car accidents can be confusing and disorienting enough without the added danger of a construction zone. We are all familiar with signs that indicate an upcoming construction zone, which remind us of double (or triple) fines. What we are not told is that we are entering a potentially hazardous situation in one of the most active cities in America: Houston.

What Types of Construction Zone Accidents Exist?

Many construction zones are unique due to the advancements in construction zone layouts and different material and machinery deployment strategies created by the foremen and workers. In most instances, they include materials, machinery and safety protocol determined by the judgment of an individual. This situation can result in an accident causing personal injury and/or property damage to you.

When Are Crews Held Liable?

It is safe to assume that not everything is going to be 100% perfect in a construction site. Ninety-six percent of all construction zone-related fatalities are civilians, while four percent occur to actual workers. Out of 2,500 active work zones, nearly 800 serious injuries and 100 deaths occured in Texas in 2017. Incidents occur when signs are misplaced or forgotten, materials are improperly moved, and unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the distinct nature of the incident, crews/construction companies will be held liable.

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Other Types of Construction Zone Accidents

These are stressful, traffic-filled bumper to bumper nightmares you must face as you travel to your destination. Other incidents that occur (most often not at the direct result of the crew or construction management) are:

  • Rear end collisions: It is nobody’s ideal condition, and you are stuck with antsy drivers who let their frustration get the best of them. These accidents hold up traffic and they are not your fault.
  • Sideswiping: When lanes narrow, everyone wants to get ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, that usually comes with aggressive vehicle movements and sometimes sideswiping.
  • Getting stuck: Whether it is due to cinder block walls or traffic barrels/cones, you can get wedged in a spot that you cannot get out of.  It can be difficult to find your way back into traffic. When the confusion starts, it is a formula for a traffic accident.

Your Houston Law Office for Construction Zone Accidents

If you have been wrongfully injured in a construction zone-related incident, do not hesitate to contact us today. From 24/7 live chat to our normal office hours, we are here to help you anytime of the day. Being injured in a construction zone is not your fault. Depending on the severity of the incident, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may get involved, pursue an investigation, and draw-out the claim process. We work as hard as possible to get your claim to you sooner.  We understand that you need help immediately with your injuries and lost wages.