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Official Spokesperson Bryan Sibrian

Bryan Sibrian

Bryan Sibrian, A.K.A “El Señor 1414”

Bryan Sibrian, best known as “El Señor 1414”, began his career in the legal world when he joined The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™ in 2017.

That same year, Bryan inaugurated the customer service department and took over the firm's advertising efforts. His remarkable performance led to his department's rapid growth, employing up to eight people to help serve the firm's clients.

His passion for law motivated Bryan to study and become a paralegal and notary. As a law firm member, he also has experience handling and investigating personal injury claims.

The Birth of “El Señor 1414”

His enthusiasm, charisma, curiosity, and heart for helping others propel Bryan to do diverse activities within the law firm. As the official spokesperson of The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™, he has come to be known as “El Señor 1414.”

Bryan, “El Señor 1414”, and Hilda Sibrian's law firm know how important it is to help the Hispanic community. An example of this happened in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. The team managed to gather supplies and relief equipment to help families deeply impacted by the natural disaster that wrecked their homes.

In 2020, when seeing a health emergency broke out due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team started to give away biosafety equipment so people from the community could feel safe. These efforts continue to date.

Service to the Community

Bryan loves his job at The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™ because it allows him to help people who suffer accidents or find themselves in complicated situations. That’s why it is common to find Bryan organizing and participating in activities to connect with Hispanic people.

About his work with the Hispanic community, Bryan says: “It is very gratifying to do something for people who have suffered injustices.”

In his spare time, Bryan enjoys fishing with his family and gardening. His love of plants and harvesting his vegetables come from watching his father growing up. His father was proud of the tomatoes he harvested at home because although they didn’t look pretty like the ones at the supermarket, they tasted sweet like fruit. Bryan decided to follow his father’s example and started planting his garden.

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