If you’ve been in a Houston car accident, you may find yourself with extra time on your hands recovering at home or in the hospital. In this recovery downtime, spending time on social media may seem harmless – especially if you want to talk to your friends and family. However, it’s important to be careful about your communication on social media platforms after an accident.

It may not seem fair, but insurance companies will be looking at everything you do online to find a way to reduce your settlement. Even if you think what you’re saying is private, oftentimes, communication isn’t private on social media. 

At The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™, our Texas car accident lawyers believe, as a general rule, you shouldn’t say anything on social media after an accident until your case is fully closed. However, if you do wish to use social media, it’s important to do so in a way that won’t hurt your case. Keep reading to learn more about social media interactions after a car accident, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our injury attorneys in Houston if you need specific legal advice for your case.

Avoid Posting Photos, Even If They’re Not Recent

Photos are some of the most powerful pieces of evidence you have in a car accident claim, but that power can work both ways. Pictures of your injuries or the scene of the crash can bolster your case. However, a snapshot of you out and about after the accident can make it seem like your injuries are less severe than they really are. Even if you’re uploading an old photo, it may look recent and hurt your claim or delay your settlement. If you do make a post on social media, limiting posts to strictly text is a safer option. 

Watch Your “Likes”

Occasional “likes” or other interactions with posts from friends and family are fine. However, If you spend too much time online and like a bunch of posts in quick succession, insurers can use it as evidence that your injuries aren’t that bad. By avoiding substantial time and interactions on social media, you’re not giving insurance companies ammunition to use against you. 

Stick to Offline Interactions with Your Friends

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If you do go out with friends or family while you’re waiting for your car accident claim to resolve, make sure they don’t tag you in their posts or post any pictures of you. Insurance companies might see those posts and conclude that if you’re healthy enough to go out with friends or family, your injuries are not as severe as you claim. 

Keep Online Conversations to a Minimum

While you want to avoid appearing in any photos or videos online, text-based interactions are less problematic. However, it’s essential not to spend too much time engaging in back-and-forth conversations on social media either. Insurance companies could see your conversations and argue that somebody who’s been badly injured in an accident shouldn’t spend so much time talking online, which could hurt your settlement.

Don’t Talk About the Accident Online

There’s one ironclad rule when it comes to using social media after a car accident: Never, ever mention the crash online. We know it’s tempting to vent your frustrations, but anything you say about a car crash could potentially be used against you. Even something that seems harmless or irrelevant could be twisted or taken out of context by insurance companies, which can damage your case.

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