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How do Insurance Companies Determine Fault After a Car Accident?

Though continually appealed by Houston auto accident lawyers, the laws surrounding Texas and its insurance policy requirements are fairly set in stone. As of 2018, Texas is currently not a no-fault state. This requires drivers to carry liability insurance to protect the other driver, passengers, or property in the event of an auto accident.

The insurance company is not going to be on your side in any case. Your Houston car accident lawyers will be your only avenue to bring the fight to the insurance company. Insurers are looking out for their own benefits – never for yours. Insurance is a fickle thing.  You’re required to possess it, but it becomes an even greater hassle when you need to use it.

Talking to Insurers Without Auto Accident Attorney Houston Representatives is a Mistake

Whether in person or over a recorded line on the phone, the insurance agents are capable of taking your statements or audio recordings, and using them against you in a court of law. Your Houston personal injury lawyers understand the games that insurance companies play, and the tactics they attempt to utilize against you. It isn’t their first time trying to tarnish and nullify an auto insurance claim, and it won’t be their last.

Their advice will likely include refusing to speak about “fault” when talking to your auto insurer. Those who are at fault can only be determined by careful deliberation and a thorough investigation of the events that transpired.

What do I do if I’m Contacted by the Other Driver’s Insurer?

Immediately refer them to your auto accident attorney Houston office. You have nothing to say to them, and only they will gain from the conversation. Every word that isn’t, “You can contact my lawyers at this number,” is a potential mistake just waiting to be made. They know very well what they’re doing when they contact you.

You Can Help the Process With the Three Golden Rules of Post Auto Accident Protocol

  1. Take photographs of the scene.
  2. Gather witness testimonies and contact information if they need to be called upon in the future.
  3. Ensure you retain copies of all medical and/or police records regarding your accident.

These information can all be used in a court of law, or to expedite the claim process without the issue ever needing to reach a courtroom. Evidence that you’re able to provide can aid in multiple ways that may not even seem clear at the time.

Turn to Our Injury Lawyers Houston

In these tricky situations, you need the very best legal counsel on your side to fight for you from the beginning of the claim process to the end of the possible courtroom case. When you’re the victim of a car accident with a personal injury, you’re entitled to reasonable compensation for damages incurred. Contact us today via phone or live chat to discuss your options after an auto accident.

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