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Truck Accident Insurance Claim Lawyer

If you are hurt in an accident with a commercial truck, you expect to be treated fairly by the truck driver’s insurance company. The reality, however, is that the insurance companies rarely pay out the full value of a claim if they don’t have to. It’s in their own financial interest to pay out as little as possible.

To pursue the full amount of compensation you are entitled to receive, you need an experienced truck accident insurance claim attorney. At The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™, our skilled legal team is here to fight for what you deserve. We have the knowledge and the resources to take on large trucking companies and stubborn insurers. Contact us now for your free consultation.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Insurance Claim Lawyer

Filing a claim against a truck driver’s insurer after an accident is a complicated, labor-intensive process. To level the playing field, you need a truck accident insurance claim lawyer who has a lot of experience successfully handling these types of cases. Here’s how hiring a lawyer will help you:

  • Handling communication between you and the insurance company. In addition to wanting a statement from you, the truck driver’s insurer will likely request a lot of documents and information from you. Some of these actions are legitimate requests for information. But they’re likely also trying to get you to say something or turn over records that might damage your claim. Having an attorney handle your communication with the insurer protects you from doing anything that might lower the value of your claim.
  • Proving fault. The insurance company may try to claim that the truck driver wasn’t at fault for the accident. The adjuster may argue that you bear some portion of responsibility for what happened. A truck accident insurance claims disputes attorney can gather the proof you need to substantiate your claim. Your lawyer can also identify all other potentially liable parties.
  • Documenting your losses. To collect the full amount that you may be eligible for, you need to demonstrate the full extent of your losses. An attorney can help gather the necessary medical records and other information to show how much you lost in the accident. Your attorney may work with experts to evaluate how your injuries will affect you in the future. You should not be left with unexpected additional costs down the line.
  • Fighting for the maximum compensation you need. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to lower the value of a claim or avoid payment altogether. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know all their tactics and tricks. Your attorney will negotiate aggressively for a fair settlement and be ready to go to trial if necessary.

Who Is Liable for a Truck Crash?

The truck driver isn’t the only party who may be at fault for your wreck. Here’s a partial list of who could be held liable:

  • The truck driver. A truck driver can be held liable for negligence in causing the crash. The driver may have been driving recklessly, aggressively, or under the influence.
  • The truck driver’s employer. Trucking companies may be held liable for their drivers’ actions if the accident occurred in the scope of the driver’s employment. They may be liable for negligent actions or inaction, such as failing to hire and train their drivers properly.
  • The manufacturer of the truck. If something on the truck breaks and an accident results, the manufacturer may be held liable.
  • Other parts manufacturers. Some trucks use parts that aren’t made by the manufacturer of the truck itself. If these parts break or malfunction and a collision occurs, the parts manufacturer may be liable for damages.
  • Maintenance companies. Commercial trucks require regular maintenance to minimize the chance of accidents. Slipshod maintenance can lead to an accident if workers fail to notice a worn part or something else that could cause an accident.

There may be others at fault for your truck accident injuries. The best way to make sure you recover compensation from any responsible parties is to hire a skilled truck accident insurance claims disputes lawyer.

Why Truck Insurance Coverage Is Complicated

Part of the reason that insurance claims related to truck accidents are so complex is that there are many parties that could be at fault. Each party may have its own insurance carrier. Truck companies are required to carry liability coverage for their drivers. A trailer may have a separate policy from the one that covers the tractor pulling it. There may be an entirely separate policy for the truck when it’s not pulling any cargo. Sorting out who might be liable for what portion of your injuries requires help from an attorney.

Common Insurance Issues During the Truck Accident Claim Process

There are several insurance issues you may run up against during the claims process:

  • Asking for duplicate information. This is often a delay tactic, or an insurer may try to deny your claim by saying you didn’t provide the requested information.
  • Undervaluing your injuries. An insurer may say your injuries are less severe than you claim. They may say your injuries don’t impact your life as much as you claim. Their goal is to pay you less than what you deserve for your losses.
  • Claiming you are partially responsible. If you are found to be partially liable for your injuries, any settlement you receive will be drastically reduced.
  • Denying your claim. If an insurer thinks it can get away with denying your claim, it likely will. There are all sorts of tactics insurers can use to try to shift the blame for your injuries.
  • Delaying the process. Insurance companies will often stall. They figure that if they can delay the process enough, they can pressure you into accepting a low settlement just to get it over with.

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