How Common Are Bus Accidents in Houston?

How Common Are Bus Accidents in Houston?

Whether you’re a pedestrian, passenger, or motorist, bus accidents happen in Houston more often than they should. Recently, a woman was struck by a school bus in Houston, and this isn’t the first incident this year. It leaves residents and motorists wondering; will I be involved in a bus accident in Houston?

Bus Accidents Aren’t Exclusive

Whether it’s public transit, school busses, or charter busses leaving from, driving to, or driving through Houston, bus accidents are a growing concern. Certain unrest lies in the fact that bus drivers have been known to exceed the legal limit of consecutive hours spent on the road, endangering the safety of their passengers, as well as pedestrians and motorists in their path.

They Pose a Public Safety Risk

We entrust school bus drivers to safely transport our children from home to school and back again. We entrust public transit drivers to keep us secure during our daily commute. What should be one of the most critical forms of passenger transportation is actually responsible for over 250 nationwide deaths per year.

The last thing you want to think about when you put your child on the bus is, ‘Will they be safe?”

Who is At-Fault in a Bus Collision?

While evidence will need to be reviewed, and eyewitness testimonies accounted for, it’s safe to assume that when a car, or even a one-ton truck, goes up against the weight and power of a bus of any kind, that the bus driver was in some way at-fault.

Insurance Post-Accident

Depending on the nature of the incident, your claim may be taken to entirely new heights, involving commercial insurance and involvement with companies who own the bus, as well as the driver themselves. Every case is different, and will need to be determined by your trusted legal counsel. However, know this:

If you are not at-fault in a bus accident in Houston, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, damages, and trauma. Bus accidents have become a part of life in Houston; we believe that needs to be undone. For numerous reasons, putting proper counsel in your corner is the only way to take on large insurance companies, your own insurance company (they aren’t looking out for your best interest), and all persons involved in this incident. Personal injury and damages are nothing to take lightly; if your way and quality of life have been impacted by a bus accident in Houston, it’s time to set things right.

If You’ve Been Involved in a Bus Accident in Houston

Bus accidents are a specific case, and require critical attention to detail and attentiveness from a trusted legal counsel. For over fifteen years, we’ve been servicing the Houston community, ensuring that they receive proper compensation for injuries related to bus accidents and more. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you. With aggressive, trusted legal counsel in your corner, you stand the best chance of receiving what you’re owed for damages and injuries sustained.