Tiger Woods has been in the news lately for something other than his expert golf swing. He was involved in a tragic rollover crash that left him with a serious leg injury involving a bone that protruded through his skin. However, the Tiger Woods’ car accident is something of a mystery since Woods was found not to have been drinking and it was good weather when the Genesis GV80 he was driving suddenly hit a median and went across several oncoming lanes of traffic, rolling over several times in the process.

Investigators are now turning to “black box” data that may contain important details about the vehicle moments before the accident. This data could be especially important as it is currently unclear how much Woods remembers about the tragic accident.

Black Box Data: What Does It Tell Us?

Event data recorders, which are more often referred to as “black boxes” after more sophisticated recorders in airplanes, are computers that store data from a vehicle’s sensors. They sometimes contain a lot of important data that can help reveal factors that led to motor vehicle accidents.

Black boxes for cars may store information such as:

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  • The speed the vehicle was traveling at up to five seconds before impact
  • Whether the gas pedal was pressed
  • How much the gas pedal was pressed
  • The change in forward speed
  • Whether the driver’s seat belt was secured
  • Whether the front airbags inflated
  • How long the airbags took to inflate
  • Whether the vehicle’s antilock brakes were operating
  • Whether the vehicle’s stability control were operating
  • How fast a vehicle rolled over

A spokesperson for Genesis did not state what type of data was stored in the Genesis GV80 Woods was driving. However, similar vehicles store the same data as listed above, as well as:

  • Steering angle before the collision
  • The amount of pressure on the brake pedal
  • Whether automatic emergency braking was applied
  • Data from radar and cameras

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