Two workers were killed this week in a tragic industrial accident at the Spitzer Industries Waterfront Facility in East Harris County. News reports indicate that a piece of heavy industrial equipment fell on the workers, trapping them. One man died on the scene, and the other later died at the hospital. A third worker was treated on site.

Spitzer Industries, which is based in Houston, is a custom steel fabricator. The Waterfront Facility where the workers were killed is located in the 13800 block of Industrial Road.

At the Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian, we understand how devastating these types of accidents can be for the families affected. Our firm has earned a reputation for fighting for justice for workers and families after tragic industrial accidents.

What to Do If You Lose a Loved One in a Workplace Accident

No one expects that when a loved one leaves for their shift at work, they may never return home. The loss of a family member can be devastating in many ways ─ emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Especially if the victim is the family’s primary breadwinner, the added financial stress can compound the grief.

At the Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian, we understand what grieving families are going through, and our compassionate legal team is here to help. We know that families who have lost a loved one face many pressing issues that take priority over thinking about a legal claim for compensation. However, we encourage you to protect your rights after a fatal workplace accident by:

Saving all paperwork, bills, and receipts.

You may be entitled to compensation for funeral and burial expenses as well as other losses related to your loved one’s death. Although you may not be ready to start thinking about these financial matters right away, it can help to start a folder and just begin saving any paperwork related to your loved one’s death or accident.

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Not speaking with insurance companies.

Sadly, insurance adjusters know that you and your family are at your most vulnerable after a tragic accident, and they will try to take advantage of you. Do not give a written or recorded statement, and do not cash a settlement check without talking to an attorney.

Talking to a trusted Houston wrongful death attorney.

Our dedicated work injury lawyers can manage all communication with insurance companies, identify all possible sources of compensation, document your losses, and handle all aspects of your legal claim so you and your family can grieve in peace.

Let Our Houston Wrongful Death Lawyers Help You

After a deadly industrial accident or tragic workplace fatality, surviving family members deserve answers and justice. At the Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian, we can explain your right to workers’ compensation death benefits as well as options for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Although we know that there is no amount of money that can reverse your pain, we will work to pursue the compensation you deserve to ease some of the financial burdens left behind.

Please contact our respected Houston workplace injury law firm today to set up a free consultation, and let us begin helping you and your family through this difficult time.