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Distracted Truck Driving

Just about everyone knows that distracted driving is quickly becoming against the law in almost every state. Texas took the step of banning texting while driving back in 2017. This type of negligent behavior is especially dangerous for truck drivers. When a large commercial truck crashes with a passenger car, the damage can be horrific. Life-altering injuries can lead to extremely expensive medical bills and long-term costs, not just for the injured person but also for the victim’s family.

At The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™, our Houston distracted truck driving accidents attorneys have been representing injured motorists for over 15 years. Our dedicated attorneys have considerable experience handling these severe trucking crashes throughout the state of Texas. We have the skills and the resources to take on trucking companies and their aggressive insurers.

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What Are Common Forms of Distracted Truck Driving?

Distractions are not always what you would think. Most people automatically think of texting and driving, and while this is definitely one of the most common examples, there are other ways a truck driver can be distracted behind the wheel. Consider the following:

  • Eating and drinking – Unlike most of us on the road, truck drivers can’t always stop to take time for a meal. They may snack on the go because they are under a lot of pressure to make deliveries or get to a pickup location under a strict deadline. This can lead truck drivers to attempt full meals while driving. Others may be messing with drinks or trying to unwrap food packaging while driving.
  • Using a smartphone – Modern cellphones are not just phones anymore. They are tiny handheld computers that do just about everything. The typical smartphone can serve as a GPS device, a texting device, a computer, a weather reporter, a calculator, a calendar, and more. This can be a serious distraction for truckers on the road.
  • Grooming – For many of the same reasons that truck drivers eat and drink while driving, they may make the foolish choice to shave, put on deodorant, or even trim their beard or do their hair while driving. All of these things are done in the interest of saving time, but they are at the expense of public safety.
  • Watching a video – Most people, truck drivers included, would agree that it would be unbelievably reckless to try to watch a video while controlling an 80,000-pound semi-truck in heavy traffic. Nevertheless, it happens. Some truck drivers may watch videos or try to do video chats with family, all while driving.
  • Reading a map – Modern truck drivers have more technology at their disposal than at any time in history. Still, despite the best GPS and smartphone technology, many drivers still rely on maps, especially in places where GPS or cell service is substandard. Reading a map or operating a GPS while driving is very dangerous.
  • Talking to a passenger – Most people tend to think that truck drivers work alone, and while many do, a lot of drivers operate in teams. This means one driver sleeps, while the other drives. By running as a team, they can cover more ground and make coast-to-coast deliveries much faster. But having a passenger can prove distracting.
  • Operating a radio – Driving a semi-truck can be lonely and boring work. The radio is a source of distraction that can help a driver take his or her mind off the monotony of the task. But this can also take their mind and eyes off the road, as can operating a CB radio.

This is merely a short list of all the Houston distracted truck causes that may lead to serious and even fatal crashes throughout the region.

To learn more about common causes of truck accidents follow the link.

What to Do After an Accident with a Distracted Truck Driver

Because injuries from distracted driving truck accidents can be so severe, trucking companies have gotten wise to the law. They know that evidence of their own driver’s negligence can be damning and end up costing them a lot of money. This is why many large trucking companies will actively send investigators to the scene. Plus, many will have the truck repaired and back in service within days.

Thus, it is imperative that you act fast to preserve the crucial evidence you need to prove your case. Here’s what you should do if you get into a crash:

  • Call the police – The police will secure the scene, get traffic moving, and often diffuse tensions. Just as importantly, however, they can document the accident.
  • Get medical help – Never try to tough it out after an 18-wheeler accident injury. Your injuries could be worse than you think. That minor neck pain you feel right after the accident could quickly turn out to be a bulging cervical disc or a fracture to your lower back. A slow ache in your shoulder may turn out to be a torn rotator cuff that requires a complex surgery you can’t afford. If you delay getting care, it will be harder to prove how you were injured.
  • Document evidence – If you are able, take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. Get the name, company, and insurance information of the truck driver who hit you. Also write down the names and contact information for any witnesses to the crash. Save all bills, receipts, and paperwork related to the truck accident.

Call one of our highly trained Houston distracted truck driving attorneys as soon as possible after your crash. There really is too much riding on your case to take chances. Contact The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian™ today and get a free consultation with an attorney who can help you understand your right to full and fair compensation.

How a Distracted Truck Driving Attorney Can Help You

Once you hire our firm, our team will immediately start working to assess who is at fault, while developing legal strategies to argue for a maximum valuation of your personal injury claim. Here are just a few ways we work to build a strong case for you:

  • Investigate the scene of the crash and collect evidence from the trucking company
  • Interview witnesses
  • Track down photos and video surveillance from the scene
  • Gather medical bills, records, and other evidence of your losses
  • Work with experts to evaluate the true extent of damages
  • Negotiate aggressively with insurance companies
  • Argue your case before a jury, if a fair settlement cannot be reached

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