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Houston 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

In need of a Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer? As you know, the city of Houston, in the state of Texas, has witnessed significant growth in recent decades, becoming not only the largest city in Texas but also the fourth most populous in the country. This thriving metropolis boasts a robust economy, and this vitality is underscored by the substantial presence of commercial trucks navigating its extensive roadways. The bustling cityscape of Houston is emblematic of a dynamic urban center where commerce and industry intersect, bringing with it a heightened risk of accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks.

The intricacies of 18-wheeler accidents require legal expertise and strategic navigation, and that's where our dedicated team of 18-wheeler crash Lawyers in Houston of Hilda Sibrian® comes into play. With our profound understanding of the local landscape, both economically and legally, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal support to individuals who have suffered injuries in accidents involving these massive commercial vehicles.

Our Houston truck accident Attorneys are dedicated to advocating for the rights of those injured in these accidents. We understand that the repercussions extend beyond immediate medical concerns, encompassing financial burdens, emotional distress, and potential long-term consequences. Through diligent legal representation, we aim to secure the maximum compensation possible for our clients, holding accountable those responsible for the accidents.

How Our 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyers in Houston Can Assist You

At Hilda Sibrian®, we are a team of dedicated and experienced accident lawyers committed to defending the rights of injured individuals in our geographical area. Armed with knowledge and an understanding of the legal process, we strive to help our clients secure the compensation they deserve. Our approach is personalized, and our bilingual professionals aim to provide:

  • Free and confidential consultations, regardless of the client's immigration status.
  • Thorough and efficient investigation of 18-wheeler truck accidents.
  • Analysis of injuries and damages.
  • Negotiation of settlements with the responsible party/parties.
  • Representation of the case in court.

Additionally, our attorneys' fees are based on a contingency fee structure, meaning they only charge if they win compensation for their clients. Our goal is to ensure that injured individuals receive the assistance they need for their accident cases, with financial concerns not hindering their pursuit of justice.

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18-Wheeler Truck Accident Statistics

According to the latest report on traffic accident death estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), deaths in crashes involving at least one large truck increased by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Deaths resulting from traffic accidents throughout the year show an increase of around 10.5% compared to those reported in 2020.

The report highlights that fatalities in crashes involving large trucks, categorized by the NHTSA as commercial and non-commercial trucks with a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds, increased from April to July and from November to December.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents in Texas

Texas, being one of the largest states in the country with extensive trade and a robust oil industry, frequently witnesses a significant presence of commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheeler trucks on its roads, leading to accidents.

The number of fatal accidents in Texas involving commercial vehicles increased by almost 19% from 2019 to 2021, a figure that can be concerning.

According to revealed data, Harris County is where most accidents with commercial vehicles and semi-trailers occur.

Who Can Be Responsible for a Truck Crash?

Accidents involving commercial trucks are complex cases because more than one party may be responsible for the victim's damages. Here are the most common causes of such crashes:

  • Truck driver: A primary factor in truck accidents is the conduct of the truck driver. If their actions, such as negligence or recklessness, directly contribute to the accident, they bear the responsibility for compensating those who have been injured.
  • Trucking company: The carrier company can also be held accountable for the accident, especially if it occurs while the driver is on duty. Additionally, negligence in the hiring process, such as bringing on inexperienced or unqualified drivers, may further implicate the company.
  • Cargo companies: When the cargo on the truck is not appropriately secured or exceeds the recommended weight limits, resulting in an accident, the company responsible for loading the cargo shares liability for the incident.
  • Truck manufacturer: Defects in truck parts, whether due to manufacturing errors or design flaws, are potential contributors to accidents. In such cases, the responsibility for compensation falls on the truck's manufacturer.

At Hilda Sibrian®, we know how to conduct an in-depth investigation into 18-wheeler truck accidents to identify the party (or parties) responsible, ensuring that the injured or their family members receive compensation. We are dedicated to navigating the intricacies of these cases to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve in the aftermath of a challenging and life-altering event.

Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident in Houston

Dealing with an 18-wheeler truck accident can be challenging, so it's crucial to know how to respond in an emergency. Here are our recommendations:

Check for injuries to yourself and your passengers.

Move to a safe location and call 911.

Allow a medical professional to examine you. Even if you don't have visible injuries, internal injuries may be present, making a medical check crucial. Additionally, the medical report serves as evidence for your compensation claim.

Photograph the accident scene. Take pictures of your injuries, your passengers, other involved parties, the accident site, damages, skid marks, etc. Anything that can serve as evidence when filing a claim.

Never admit fault for the accident, as this could be detrimental to your compensation claim.

Preserve evidence from the accident. Keep the clothing you wore on the day of the crash as it is and retain all medical reports, studies, and prescriptions provided by doctors for your injuries.

Do not speak to insurance adjusters, as their focus is on the best outcomes for the companies they represent.

Contact a semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston from Hilda Sibrian®, who will listen, analyze your case, and advise on the next steps. They will initiate an investigation, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for your compensation.

Types of 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents in Houston

Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks commonly occur due to one of the following reasons:

Distracted driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's rules state that individuals cannot text or talk on their phones while driving a vehicle if they need to hold it with their hands. However, they can use speakerphones, wear headphones, or use voice-activated functions with a single button to start, answer, or end a call.

Fatigued driving

The FMCSA establishes the number of hours truck drivers can work without rest in their hours-of-service regulations. These regulations may not be adhered to by drivers or companies pressuring workers to extend their hours.

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Operating a truck after consuming alcohol, drugs, or medication can lead to an accident. Due to this, truck drivers cannot operate them with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.04 or higher (compared to 0.08 for drivers of other types of vehicles).

Jackknife accidents

If the truck driver loses control of the vehicle, it may jackknife or fold into the shape of a folding knife. This accident commonly occurs when the driver is going too fast, and road conditions are poor.

Rear-end collisions

These types of crashes often happen because trucks don't leave enough following distance with the cars in front, and when an unforeseen event occurs, they collide.

Turning accidents

These incidents occur when drivers lack experience in making turns, resulting in overly wide turns or failure to check mirrors and blind spots.

If you experience an accident due to one of the described scenarios or another type, call the Houston trucking accident Lawyers at Hilda Sibrian® immediately or fill out the online form to schedule your free and confidential consultation as soon as possible. We will fight for your compensation case.

Contact Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Houston

To file a compensation lawsuit for an 18-wheeler truck accident in Texas, you have a two-year period from the date of the accident. If you fail to do so within that time, your claim will not be accepted. Therefore, it's crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

At Hilda Sibrian®, our bilingual Houston tractor-trailer accident Lawyers, fluent in both Spanish and English, will attend to you and listen to determine what can be done for your compensation claim. You are not alone; call today or fill out the online form to schedule your free and confidential consultation as soon as possible.

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For more information on what to do in the event of a large platform truck accident like an 18-wheeler, here are the answers to these questions:

Hilda Sibrian's personal injury accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means they will not charge for their representation unless they win your compensation.

The fees they receive if they obtain a settlement or verdict in favor of their client will be those agreed upon between the client and the 18-wheeler wreck attorney in Houston when they decide to work on the injury compensation claim.

Many variables contribute to the amount of a compensation case for a truck accident. To determine this, possible responsible parties and damages caused must be analyzed. For an accurate calculation, it is advisable to seek the guidance and representation of a lawyer from Hilda Sibrian®. They can make the appropriate calculation for the compensation claim for those affected by the incident.

Texas state laws recognize that a person injured in a large platform truck accident can receive financial compensation for "economic" and "non-economic" damages.

Economic damages include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost income due to an inability to work
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Loss of normal life activities
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Wrongful death

In the aftermath of a truck accident, understanding what can be claimed is crucial for those affected, and counting with a Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer can secure the compensation they deserve in the face of such challenging circumstances.

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