Similar to when you are in an accident in a private car, when you are a passenger in an Uber accident call 911 if necessary and seek medical attention. Even if you do not think your injuries are serious, it is still a good idea to get a medical evaluation to rule out any internal injuries and to legally protect yourself if injuries manifest later.

If possible, use your phone to snap photos and videos of the crash scene and of the damaged cars. It is also a good idea to jot down as much information as you can, including:

  • Your driver’s name and information
  • Any other involved parties’ names, contact information, and insurance information
  • The contact information for any bystanders who saw the crash

If issues arise when you file a claim, the information that you collect can be very helpful in proving your case.

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What should I do after an Uber crash?

Chances are, if you have not grabbed a ride with Uber, you have at least heard of it. You may have heard friends singing its praises, or you may have seen that a driver was involved in an accident.

Company spokespersons say that all drivers must submit to background checks and that drivers who demonstrate patterns of unsafe behavior (like crashing) will no longer be able to drive for Uber.

Even still, Uber accidents can and do happen. For those who use ride-sharing companies like Uber, it is important to know what to do if you are ever in an accident and how to receive payment for any injuries or other losses you sustain.

Who pays for damages after an Uber accident?

Peer-to-peer ride-hailing companies are a relatively new service. Uber, for instance, has only been around since 2009. So, when it comes to liability and financial responsibility for Uber accidents, insurance policy protocols and legislation are still somewhat up in the air. Since their beginning, these types of companies fell under the radar, so to speak. Because they are not exactly a conventional taxi-service, ride-hailing companies were able to avoid most for-hire laws and regulations.

Legislation regarding accident liability for peer-to-peer transportation services is currently under development and we will likely see many changes as legislators iron out the rules in the next several years. As it currently stands, Uber does have insurance coverage for passengers who are hurt in Uber accidents, but the insurance may be secondary to the Uber driver’s own personal insurance. And if another driver caused the accident, then it is likely that his/her insurance would cover the damages.

It is a complicated and sticky area of the law. Let us just say that if you are hurt in an Uber wreck, you can and should receive fair payment for your injuries. Seek help from a car accident attorney who handles Uber accidents in your area so that you can be sure you get the settlement you deserve.

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