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What Should I Do if I Get in a Car Accident in an Uber?

Uber and other rideshare companies offer an affordable way to get home after a night on the town. Having such an easy, safe alternative to drunk driving reduces the risk of injury or death due to a drunk driving crash, and also eliminates the...

When Your Friend Wrecks Your Car: What Happens?

Your friend’s insurance covers the damage if your friend wrecks your car, right? The answer is more complicated than you probably realize. There are quite a few things to consider if you loan your car to someone else who wrecks it. Below, we...

The Insurance Company Denied My Claim for My Car Accident Injury. What Should I Do Now?

Many times, insurance companies deny cases that are valid. Call us immediately so we can file a claim, and we will contact the company. It's important that you know that these companies need to have pressure put on them. The Law Offices of Hilda...

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