If an insurance company sends me a check after my accident, should I accept it?

It is not a good idea to accept a check or sign anything related to a car accident claim without first having a knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer review it. It is not unusual for the at-fault driver or his insurance company to offer you a check within a few days of a car crash, but it is not always the best option for you to accept this offer just to settle your claim quickly.

Why do insurance companies make an offer quickly after a crash?

Insurance adjusters bet on the fact that most people want to deal with the aftermath of a car accident as quickly as possible so they can pay their medical bills, repair or replace their vehicle, and get back to their life as it was before the crash. People don’t normally wish to spend weeks or months stressed out about a car accident insurance claim.

Knowing this, insurance adjusters may reach out to car accident victims within days of an accident and make a settlement offer. They know this quick solution is tempting to you — they also know it could save their company thousands of dollars.

If you accept this check, they may have you sign a release form, you may be waiving all rights to collect any more compensation for your accident injuries or other damages.

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How can it hurt me to accept a check after a Houston auto accident?

These early settlement offers usually occur before you are certain about the severity of your injuries, and certainly before you know the full value of your claim. This means, if your injuries worsen or have complications weeks or months later, you could end up paying thousands out of pocket.

Your best bet is to call a Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible after a crash, and wait until your injuries stabilize before considering a settlement offer.

We have extensive knowledge of how insurance companies and adjusters try to reduce the amount they pay out. We can handle all communication with the insurance adjuster and help you understand the full value of your damages. We protect your rights, prevent the insurer from taking advantage of your desire for a quick resolution, and negotiate a settlement that gets you the maximum amount of compensation available in your case.

How can a lawyer protect me from an unscrupulous insurance company?

We sometimes see auto accident victims who need surgery, ongoing medical care, or even long-term nursing care, but they agreed to accept a payment from the insurance company early on in their case. Unfortunately, that person may have waived rights to recovery.

We want to prevent you from finding yourself in a similar situation. Even if we have not met to discuss your case yet, it pays to give us a call and let us review any offer from the insurance company before you sign anything.

We know the games the insurers play, and how they trick victims into giving up their right to fair compensation. You want us on your case as early as possible, fighting for the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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