Women Are More Likely to Be Injured in Front-End Car Crashes

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A recent study that came out of the University of Virginia has found that women are more likely to be injured in front-end auto accidents than men. The study, which was published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention, found that women are 73 percent more likely to be hurt in front-end crashes.

The reason, some say, is because the crash test dummies used when testing vehicles are modeled off men. Although there are some dummies modeled after women, they are not much different and don’t focus on the differences between a man’s and woman’s body.

How the Study Was Done

Researcher Jason Forman and his team studied 22,854 police reports involving front-end crashes. The data used for the study was from all around the United States and included crashes from 1998 to 2015. In total, there were 31,254 occupants of vehicles, all ages 13 to 97. Of those involved in the crashes, 49.4 percent were men and 50.6 percent were women.

Researchers divided the car accidents into two categories. The first group included accidents that involved cars manufactured prior to 2009. The second group included cars manufactured in 2009 or after.

They then divided those groups further into the age, height, and weight of the occupants.

Male vs. Female Car Accident Statistics and Findings

The study found that when occupants were in the newer-model vehicles, there were 55 percent fewer injuries sustained. While this most recent study found that injury or death is 73 percent more likely among women than men, there was another study that found women are 50 percent more likely to become fatally or seriously injured in a crash. That study was also conducted at the University of Virginia in 2011.

Although the studies did not focus on why women are so much more likely to become injured, it’s believed that this is largely due to the fact that crash test dummies do not properly represent women. In addition, women are more susceptible to injuries due to the positioning of head restraints, differences in their neck strength and musculature, their shorter stature, and their preferred posture for seating. Because car safety features have been primarily designed for men, they may not be as effective for women, leading to a higher likelihood for injury.

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