Three Most Important Car Safety Rules for Houston Drivers

Three Most Important Car Safety Rules for Houston Drivers

There are guidelines and there are laws. While some drivers interpret no distinction between the two, we know better than that. In Houston, specific Texas motor vehicle laws are strictly enforced and play a vital role in our well-being.

1. Seatbelt Law

It is well recognized that wearing a seatbelt is tantamount to the driver and passenger’s safety. Over the past 5 years, Houston has seen a 62% increase in vehicle crashes which heightens the need for safety.

If caught driving without your seatbelt, you may be fined up to $200 for yourself, as well as each passenger not wearing a seatbelt. Children must use a safety seat if under the age of eight years old, unless they exceed the height of 4’9”.

2. Distracted Driving Laws

We are no strangers to the epidemic of texting while driving or other forms of distracted driving. Each of us knows the ramifications of not paying attention to the road.  Driving safety tips from our driver education courses are also backed by Texas state law.

You can be fined up to to $99.00 for your first offense, and up to $200.00 for a second offense. The third offense is up to the judge’s discretion. In 2017, Texas identified the risks associated with texting while driving by adding the offense to the distracted driving laws.

3. Understanding Pedestrian Safety Protocol

It is understood that you are focusing on more than just yourself, and the car keeping pace with you in the next lane. Pedestrian safety is a serious issue in Houston. It is constantly on the rise in Houston, which highlights the need for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings to prevent these issues.

Personal Car Safety

Personal car safety is more than how you behave while driving. The information below, based on Houston statistics, indicates that each citizen has a 1.5% chance of being subjected to a personal or property-related crime.

  1. You should never leave your window rolled down, even if you are simply running into a corner store. You are creating an unnecessary risk by giving the public access to your car.
  2. You should leave nothing in your vehicle in plain sight. If your windows are up, but you left your $900 laptop on the passenger seat, then you’ve just put yourself on the top of any criminal shortlist.
  3. Park in well-lit areas regardless of time of day. We are often naive to think that crime does not happen in broad daylight.  There are shadows at all times of the day. You need to park in well lit areas where there is surveillance equipment at all times.

It is crucial to remain vigilant of car safety at all times whether you are driving or taking precautions when parking your vehicle. For more information on personal and on-the-road safety, explore our other posts. If you were hurt in a car accident, contact our attorneys.