On a Sunday morning earlier this month, police responded to a car crash north of Houston near 249 and West Mount Houston Road. Eyewitnesses said they saw a black GMC SUV traveling eastbound and a gray Chevrolet Impala traveling westbound. The black SUV suddenly entered the westbound lanes and headed directly into oncoming traffic. The SUV then collided head-on with the Impala.

The driver of the gray Impala was killed at the scene. The driver of the black SUV and the passenger with him were taken to Ben Taub Hospital. The driver was in good condition while the passenger had critical injuries, according to officials.

Police said the driver of the SUV had a high level of intoxication. After his release from the hospital, he faced arrest and charges of intoxication manslaughter.

Criminal vs. Civil Justice: Holding Dangerous Drivers Accountable

Although driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a crime in Texas and throughout the U.S., the criminal charges against the driver aren’t the only option for pursuing justice. In Texas, if you have been injured after being hit by an intoxicated driver, you have the right to hold that person accountable for your injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages through a personal injury claim.

However, the driver who hit you doesn’t have to have been arrested in order for you to file a personal injury claim against them. All that is required is that you can prove the driver’s negligence based on the facts of the accident. Furthermore, a personal injury claim is a civil matter and does not require an arrest.

If the driver has been arrested, there may be a criminal case against them as well. Regardless of whether criminal charges are pending against the intoxicated driver who hit you, you have a right to seek full compensation that will cover the costs of your medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, and more.

An experienced Houston car accident attorney will fight for your rights and explain your options for pursuing the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Our Dedicated Attorneys Are Here to Help You Demand Justice

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