Been in a Car Accident? Here are the Biggest Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make After Getting in a Car Accident in Houston


Certain, simple mistakes can be the difference between receiving a settlement or botching the entire claim. As your local Houston car accident attorney office, we see victims of personal injury make the wrong moves all the time. Here are the biggest mistakes people can make after being in a car accident in Houston.

Waiting Too Long to Seek Medical Aid

There is a timeline of events that needs to be established to get your compensation. It starts with the accident, and step two is always seeking out medical attention. If you’ve failed to do this until days after the incident, it will look like you’re seeking compensation without probable cause. Even if the incident was traumatic for you, it’s not going to hold up well in a claim if you’ve let too much time pass.

Providing Insurance Adjusters With Too Much Information

Insurance companies have a goal: Try to find every possible way not to pay. Insurance adjusters will skew every bit of information you give them to save money for the insurance companies—it’s their job, and while it may not be right, it’s how they play the game. Provide insurance companies with the right information, not every minor detail. This is where you need to seek legal aid before calling in your claim.

Signing Documents Without Legal Aid

Insurance companies may ask for your signature on certain documents hours or even days after an accident. If you’re signing them without reading them over and without legal representation present, you could be signing away your right to compensation under the right circumstances. Again, their job is to make sure the insurance companies can get around as many claims as possible without outputting a dime. Don’t let this happen to you.

Ignoring Medical Advice

In many situations, depending on your injuries, your condition can worsen. If you’re not obeying medical advice from your doctors, you’re making an enormous mistake. Your medical records (relating to the injuries sustained from a crash) are vital to your claim, and they need to be as accurate as possible. This means that if you’re ignoring these pieces of advice from your doctor, you’re making your injury seem better or “not that bad to begin with” on paper. That’s going to backfire on you later in the claim process, and if it comes to it, a courtroom.

Not Seeking Legal Advice Soon Enough

If you haven’t sought out your local Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible following a collision, you’re allowing valuable time to slip away. In some cases, if the driver at-fault has already sought out legal aid and built a bulletproof defense, the entire claim process could be drawn-out and take far longer than it would have. Get the right legal help right from the beginning.

The Houston law offices of Hilda Sibrian are fully equipped to handle your case. Contact our office today and see why our clients call us the best personal injury legal team Houston has to offer. Before it’s too late to get the compensation you deserve, seek out the best legal aid available.