Are you Prepared for Severe Weather in Texas?

In light of Harvey’s recent destruction across the Lonestar State, we’ve seen some of the most heroic acts by your everyday man. We’ve also seen how underprepared most of us are when severe weather strikes. It isn’t just hurricanes—any type of severe weather puts us in a specific predicament. Here are a few tips on how you should prepare from your Houston personal injury attorney’s office. Store Ample Food and Water

There’s nothing worse than getting to a superstore and realizing that they’re sold out of bottled water and nonperishables, or foods with extremely long expiration dates. Get ahead of the curve before the next Harvey strikes, or we endure a nasty drought. There’s no disaster that doesn’t call for a stock-up of necessities. Even your local car accident lawyers’ Houston office will have an emergency stash (just in case we get stuck at the office).

Additional Gasoline

We saw it recently with Irma in the Florida Keys—gas becomes the most-required necessity. Even if you have all that extra food and water, it’s going to be useless if it’s trapped in the trunk of your car. Try to have at least 10 gallons of gasoline at-the-ready for disasters. Even if we’re just enduring inclement weather, additional gas can help you, your family, and your neighbors if resources are scarce.

Have a Home Prep Plan

The second wind gets inside of your house, it can do major damage. If a tornado is on the horizon, it’s going to launch lawn chairs, children’s toys and other loose yard items through your windows, allowing wind to get inside and cause real harm. Have a fifteen-minute home plan in place so you can secure everything, close the shutters, and if you have to leave, you’ll at least be able to come back to an intact home.

Keep Valuables Safe and Accessible

If you have to evacuate in a hurry, especially if a tornado is on the horizon, you’ll want to take the important things with you. Jewelry, family photos, and anything of value should be able to be thrown into a box or secured in a backpack, and thrown into the trunk in a hurry. You don’t want to leave valuables behind, but you also don’t want to risk your safety or that of the ones you love in order to save some memorabilia.

Check Your Roof

You should inspect your roof once a month, especially in Texas. You rarely get enough of a warning that warrants finding money and time to repair your roof, but just as wind can enter your home through broken windows, it can get under your roof tiles and cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. The last thing you need is to return and find your living room soaked with a hole in the roof.

The Houston personal injury law offices of Hilda Sibrian is the first place you should call if you end up in a traffic collision when you’re evacuating or driving to/from the store for supplies. Take the first step before real disaster strikes.