3 Steps to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Houston

3 Steps to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Houston

Houston has its fair share of motorcyclists, and more auto accidents than any city should have. Motorcyclists can follow these three key steps to avoid accidents in the Houston area, and all of Texas.

1. The Dreaded Left

When you’re about to take a left through an intersection, you’re entering one of the most vulnerable states that any motorcyclist can be in. Fanning across traffic comes with its own set of dangers, especially when those across the line are trying to speed through a red light, or simply don’t pay attention.

Take a moment to assess the area, and don’t hesitate to take the turn slowly. Stopping short for pedestrians going through the crosswalk, stuck-out vehicles from the lane on your left, and more factors all play into your mobility, and your likelihood of an accident.

2. Take it Slower at Red Lights

We’ve all had this happen: you approach a yellowing light, and it turns red faster than you could have thought. You apply extra pressure to the breaks, and stop before crossing over the line. We both know that on a motorcycle, that entire process is easier said than done.

Another main cause of motorcycle accidents (not exclusive to Houston, but definitely trending upwards), is being rear-ended at a red light. While this isn’t your fault, it’s still an issue that every motorcyclist wants to avoid. Even if the person behind you beeps in complaint of you slowing down too much, begin slowing as soon as the light turns yellow. Always assume you will be “stuck” behind a red light, and never try to push through. It will avoid all types of accidents if you follow this.

3. Avoid Motorists’ Pet Peeve: White-Lining

In a four-lane string of traffic, when it’s a red light, nobody expects to be passed. Motorcyclists who drive between cars to get ahead in traffic immediately set-off drivers, and usually get honked at or shouted through the window. The issue doesn’t reside in having traffic-goers being upset with you – you’re not supposed to be that close between two cars at any point. This can become a serious safety concern, causing you to tap against the side of their vehicle and lose control of your bike.

Apart from that, it can be a real problem if you’re between a compact car with full visibility of you, and a larger trucker or SUV that can’t necessarily see you. The compact car is now responsible to give you enough room to move, which could cause them to have an accident, and the larger vehicle driver is completely unknowing to your presence.

Motorcycle Accidents in Houston

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